Saturday, December 3, 2011

Murderous Rage Uniting All :)

Why this kolaver di? has seemed to mostly take the form of 'updates or posts' on facebook / twitter, all across the nation. The one reason for it being picked up so fast is its 'Tanglish' version that has made it unique and a perfect mix, being received well by Tamilians and also non-tamilians. Here, truly the sense of unity in diversity comes into play. Its rightly said that 'Music' knows no boundaries and travels to the hearts of all without judging on the lines of Caste/ Religion/ Regionalism/ Race.

"Tough as it may seem, but there's faint line between Opening and Closing your eyes to the reality". Its overwhelming to know that - people opened their eyes and welcomed with smiling face, appreciating the peppy number, mumbling it during office hours or at home, putting the song as caller tune and hello tune on their handsets, playing it in their car and realizing every other passerby is listening to the same song :) WOW... the world is intoxicated with this song.

If not with anything else, then atleast the song is binding us together. Thanks to the viral network, its being ensured that no one person is left from the joy of listning to it and joining the "pa pa paan pa pa paan pa pa paa pa pa paan" trend :)

So lets enjoy the moment with the Soup Boys ;) (wink!)

Listen to the song here

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