Saturday, December 3, 2011

Murderous Rage Uniting All :)

Why this kolaver di? has seemed to mostly take the form of 'updates or posts' on facebook / twitter, all across the nation. The one reason for it being picked up so fast is its 'Tanglish' version that has made it unique and a perfect mix, being received well by Tamilians and also non-tamilians. Here, truly the sense of unity in diversity comes into play. Its rightly said that 'Music' knows no boundaries and travels to the hearts of all without judging on the lines of Caste/ Religion/ Regionalism/ Race.

"Tough as it may seem, but there's faint line between Opening and Closing your eyes to the reality". Its overwhelming to know that - people opened their eyes and welcomed with smiling face, appreciating the peppy number, mumbling it during office hours or at home, putting the song as caller tune and hello tune on their handsets, playing it in their car and realizing every other passerby is listening to the same song :) WOW... the world is intoxicated with this song.

If not with anything else, then atleast the song is binding us together. Thanks to the viral network, its being ensured that no one person is left from the joy of listning to it and joining the "pa pa paan pa pa paan pa pa paa pa pa paan" trend :)

So lets enjoy the moment with the Soup Boys ;) (wink!)

Listen to the song here

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sense and Nonsense

Amidst the hope of a 'New India' with steps being taken to fight corruption,we are reminded of the other evils that persist predominantly in the nation, with the recent blast near the Delhi High Court.

There is a lot of anger within, so it might seem that this post is more of a grievance sharing. But seeing innocent people being hurt makes my heart cry and my mind say "what the F***". When will we be a nation safe to live in. When will we, rather than saying "We are proud to be Indians" will act and stand up to fight against the nation-wide slaughter. When will we stop fighting in the name of religion, when no religion promotes CRIME or killing of innocent people. When will we start living as humans and not as cannibals...eating away the life of others.!!!.....SIGH !!

With all this in my mind...when just about to catch some sleep, it felt as if 'Mother Earth' said - "if you don't do something, i sure will" - 'Earthquake in Delhi'

Human race will get extinct come apocalypse or not.....either we make sense out of the deeds we perform or we should stop asking god for our long lives....either we stop following our religious beliefs or we should stop complaining about other religions existing....either we treat everyone as same or no one would treat us as part of the universe....!!!

There is a clear demarcation between sense and nonsense....what do we pick??

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kya hum besharam hain?

Sunday the 31st of July saw its 1st Slut-walk come to India. So this was the 1st time that one could watch females ambling around on the streets in skimpy clothes without any inhibitions. Now if you are a guy who's reading this post, my last sentence should have clearly made your sensory organs that visualize or capture images in the mind to work overtime. Any male's instincts will go berserk, regardless of his age- 16 or 60. I guess that's not the point here. One's libido could be strong anyways- it need not also necessarily be because of the clothes that turn one on.

All the rape and molestation that happens in villages or remote areas is often insulated to western clothing/culture let alone urban India. This is prevalent even within households and amongst relatives. The culprit there doesn't bother if his victim is wearing sleeveless attire or a mini skirt. If clothes were to only triggering factor in such crimes then what reasoning do people have when even minor girls fall prey to unassuming savages?

The Besharam Morcha might be an attempt to in the least give Women the license to wear what they feel like but I don't think it will address the issue of rape or mere lusting. How to stop this heinous act is something that's debatable. Personally for me, it all boils down to having an iron fist and punish the wrong else no amount of Walking Free in the choicest of clothes to spread awareness about women rights will help. Though this is a bold attempt by the naari samaaj I just hope their effort does't go in vain.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Caution : Pay Attention

Recently the incident at Indore, shocked the wits off me.

Its said that there are warning signs asking people not to go down to the waterfall, but that definitely goes unnoticed and out of sheer curosity we tend to do what we are instructed not to. Alas, its not always that we are lucky and forbidden from being victim of an unexpected incident.

This incident proves that there are days when things just don't go the normal way.

Its sad...really sad....We can't blame the nature for what happened, but definitely our negligence and lack of presence of security measures which resulted in loss of 3 lives. This could have been prevented : if at first, they (victims) realized that going against the warnings (of not going near the waterfall)could cost their lives, If, there were security personnels who could have stopped them from going against the warnings stated and If at the end, there were adequate security measures to save them from beight caught in nature's hand.

Flash floods are unexpected and untimely reaction by nature. However, lack of awareness, vigilance, security measures supports the motive of a suddena act like that.

If we can control something to prevent such incidents from happening, it can only be by paying 'ATTENTION TO EVERY SINGLE DETAIL' .

A moment of enjoyment takes seconds to shatter.

So stay awake and be aware !!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A visit to India Gate

Out of Sight ....but not....Out of Mind...!!

Wanted to write a blog only once I saw myself changing....and have I?...Yes,I have changed to some extent and will keep on changing until apocalypse :p :p (it was meant on a lighter note, people...dunno whether the world ends in 2012, and don't even want to specualte)

With this post, I want to bring into light the common man's perception about the heritage of India. Let's just focus on 'one of the many' such places - THE INDIA GATE - a landmark that commemorates the live's lost fighting the British Empire , along with the 'Amar Jawan Jyoti' which pays homage to the ones lost in the 1971 Ino-Pak war.

However on a recent visit, it appeared that it was more of a 'fun spot' and less of a 'rememberance spot'. The purpose for anyone's visit there, especially the residents of Delhi, is to eat (throw here and there) , play in the pond (having bath in the water and how can we forget ...throwing here and there), play throwball (yes, i have seen people actually playing there), buy all the 'MELA' stuff (the devil hairband , ballons etc.) and etc etc. (the list can be added with your observations in any of your visits there)

The problem is not in 'Enjoying', but in 'Forgetting' the very sanctity of a place. Why has it been used for all commercial purpose, is beyond my understanding capacity. And everytime I visit that place, I feel a lack of nationality and respect.

My personal observation may not present the actual picture, so why don't you pay a visit and see it for yourself.

The concern lies in repsecting the 'nation's monuments' and honoring the purpose for it being created. That's it !!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet child o' mine!

The long wait for justice came with a shocker of an extension when the CBI closed Arushi's case citing lack of evidence. Then came the tussle between the parents and the country's most upright(anything but this) investigating agency followed by an attack on Rajesh Talwar and the Delhi public's Justice march on 30th Jan.

In all this, my take is that in a country like India, where politicians are busy firefighting for their wrong doings, where the judicial system is always looked up on with suspicion, where upholders of law are flouting it in the open, its victims like Arushi or her parents who will be left in a lurch to fend for themselves. Be it an eyewitness to such crimes or somebody reading an article such as this, will merely clench their fists till the time they say, arre yaar...kii farkh painda hai, India mein yeh sab to chalta hi rahega. But no! This has to stop.

Let there be a beginning to end this habit of "Denying Justice". Whether this is a case of homicide or honour killing, the life of the 14 year old is lost and the authorities should at least bear in mind the importance of life.

I hope and wish that better sense prevail and that the sweet child of the Talwars gets its due.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 life = Awakening ?

One alive man witnessing a wrong-doing, files an FIR 3 times, yet no action is taken.But, One dead man, brutally murdered, for trying to reveal the wrong doings, gains attention and hence the much-awaited "Action".

We are talking about the late Yashwant Sonawane, one of those few honest officers, who wanted to stop the Oil Mafia from conducting their wrong deeds. Though having witnessed the same months ago, no strict action was taken (despite submitting the raid reports, conducted by him) to control mafia's activities. But now we see that the incident (post Mr. Yashwant Sonawane being killed) has resulted in the government launching a crackdown on adulteration dens around kerosene depots across Maharashtra.

If the action (of putting the criminal behind the bars) was taken months back when the complaint was filed, it could have actually saved that man from getting killed heinously.

There is no point in blaming the system for it ,as the system constitutes people who are oblivious of their responsibilities, and at one point of time had taken the pledge to perform their duties to the best of their caliber.

The awareness of getting aware starts from us.........the future officers/ leaders etc.

So, lets rewind and ask ourselves,"Have we performed our duties flawlessly......ever?"